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hello ^^


I am from Cluj, Romania

I'm kind of new to gyaru and I'd like to know if there are others in my area or near it....I don't know of any circles around here and maybe, if I manage to find any interested girls, I'd love to start one together...

I'm not making so many hopes because it's a small country but still, I'd love to meet other gyarus...

Please contact me if interested.

Bad Gals Nago Cir

New gal nago cir looking for gals mostly from Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and West Ohio. lol doesn't matter as long it you are kinda around the lower part of Indiana.. contact heylove_diamond, momobxtch, or nacrogyaru for any further questions.

Gyaru-sa In Vancouver B.C

A few of us gals in Vancouver have been talking about creating a circle there. So if you live in the Vancouver area or able to get there for meets.
We are having a conversation over MSN on Friday @ 5pm to talk and discuss things about the circle.

What we will talk about on friday.
-Me2's and Dates
-if you want it to be a nago-sa or a ive-sa
-Ages, Styles, Time.

We might have a few meetings over MSN before meeting or maybe meet after this meeting in the next few weeks to talk more. At the moment there is no leader/captain of the Gyaru-sa. But I am going to temperately be the leader/captain until a vote is made. My name is Tiny/Michi and I am also on Rioche, and Forevergyaru so I've x-posted on FG and soon to be Canadian_Gyaru.

Please contact me at Ghost_Girl@hotmail.com if you are interested.

Ameri-gals!!! USA+Florida gal-sa

  Hihi! I have created a new gal circle called Black Crystal! This is a Florida based circle BUT!!! it's open to anyone! This is for gals that have dark, tan, or skin that's not pale lol. This is a new circle but it has big plans! Please apply at http://blackcrystalgal.webs.com and no, this is NOT just for black people. It's for anyone :) Please Join and Invite friends to...

Michigan Gyaru

 Hi I'm new to LJ. I'm looking for friends in my area who are into the Gyaru style.  I would like to organize some meet ups or outings. If you are interested, please leave a post on my journal.


All ages are welcome.

North California!

Hi! I'm looking for more gals to join my new Gyarusa. It's a Nago-cir called AmaiChu, it consists of 5 gals, and one is from Sac. We still havent had our first Official meet yet, but many random met ups with a few gals here and there. It's mainly Gyaru-kei, but we have one manba. If your interested just visit this link to our profile (still under construction) Thanks! ^^



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